“On Being Young–A Woman–And Colored” –Marita Bonner by boo
February 28, 2010, 9:39 pm
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“You long to explode and hurt everything white; friendly; unfriendly.  But you know that you cannot live with a chip on your shoulder even if you can manage a smile around your eyes–without getting steely and brittle and losing the softness that makes you a woman.”

“So you too.  Still; quiet; with a smile, ever so slight, at the eyes so that Life will flow into and not by you.  And you can gather, as it passes, the essences, the overtones, the tints, the shadows; draw understanding to yourself.

And then you can, when Time is ripe, swoop to your feet–at your full height–at a single gesture.

Ready to go where?

Why…Wherever God motions.”